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OEM HID Xenon Parts > AFS Leistungsmodul Control Module

Adaptive Frontlighting System (AFS)

The low beam is only a compromise of all partial light distributions. That’s why the dynamic Adaptive Frontlighting System was developed to permit the best possible illumination of the road depending on speed and steering angle. Achieving this requires a VarioX projection module with a rotating cylinder between the light source and the lens. Typically, the cylinder has varying contours and can also rotate around its own longitudinal axis. A stepper motor turns the cylinder to the required position within milliseconds.

Town light, which is activated at speeds below 55 km/h, features a horizontal cut-off line to minimize glare for other people on the road. Wide light distribution also makes it easier to detect pedestrians at the side of the road.

Country road light is also activated between speeds of 55 and 100 km/h and is similar to conventional low beam light distribution. The VarioX module generates an asymmetrical light distribution pattern to minimize glare for oncoming drivers. The cut-off line is raised so that the left edge of the road is better illuminated, providing greater coverage.

Motorway light is activated at speeds above 100 km/h. The light distribution range is designed for wide curve radii at high speeds.
The high beam of the AFS works like a conventional high beam, but does not require the driver to take action to avoid exposing oncoming drivers to excessive glare.

The Adaptive Frontlighting System also has a dynamic bend lighting function. Depending on the steering angle, the headlamps also swivel by up to 15° and allow optimized illumination of the bend.

Adverse weather light creates a wider dispersion of the light to improve visibility in rain, fog or snow. This feature also reduces long-range illumination to minimize reflective glare affecting the driver’s own vehicle.

OEM AFS Module Brand
Parts Model

Hella AFS-Leistungsmodul 5DF 009 368-15

Hella LW/Licht-Leistungsmodul 5DF 008 279-10

Hella LWR-Leistungsmodul 5DF 008 279-50

Hella LWR-Leistungsmodul 5DF 008 279-00

Hella Leistungsmodul Kurvenlicht 5DF 008 704-00

Hella leveling motors

2012 VW Touareg OEM LED DRL Xenon Headlight AFS Leistungsmodul Ballast Module

VW-AG 8U0 941 329 Control Unit Ballast

Original Audi A3 A6 A8 VW Golf Skoda Headlight Xenon AFS-Power Module Ballast


LEAR SMC II BMW 718933 Headllamp AFS AHL Control Unit

LEAR TMS BMW 7268278(Adaptive Headlight driver module HAL xenon lights)

BMW 6 941 634 (ALC Adaptive Headlight Unit AFS Module Control Unit Box)63117182396

BMW 6 934 836

BMW 63117298656 LEAR TMS 5323868Y1

BMW 63117262951 LEAR TMS 532386811

BMW 5 Series F07GT F10 F11 F18 Adaptive Headlights driver module


Audi A4 OEM Xenon Headlight AFS Leistungsmodul 8K5 941 329 Control Module Ecu(1 307 329 368 01)

Koito/Denso AFS Headlights Motors

2005-2010 VW Passat OEM Headlight AFS Leistungsmodul 7L6 941 329A Control Ballast Module

2010-2013 VW Passat B7 Xenon Headlight AFS Leistungsmodul Cornering Module Valeo Ballast 3D0 941 329

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