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OEM HID Xenon Parts > DRL LED Module Ballast

Along with the LED technology more and more mature, there are a lot of car’s headlight assembly add the LED Optical system, like the compellent LED Tagfahrlicht Pflicht of Europe.

Driving with lights on during day (DRL)

In some countries like Scandinavia it has been a rule for many years and now is every-day-life to drive with lights on even during day. What thereby is most important is not "to see well" but "to be seen well". There are many arguments that strongly support driving during day with lights on:

Daytime Running Light can contribute to

reduce the number of accidents as other road users are seen earlier even in bad weather and traffic conditions
realize following road users earlier in the rear mirror and being able to adapt the own braking reactions according to minimize rear-end collisions
pedestrians and cyclists better realizing approaching vehicles
intensify reduced contrasts of the background that would hinder the view, like with clouds, sun reflexes, in areas with forests or trees.

There are studies that estimate the potential of rescuing human lives from a percentage of about 3 to 5 of the yearly serious car accidents.

To keep fuel consumption and CO2 emission on a relatively low level, there are special daytime running lamps, for example ini BMW 3series Cabrio/Coupé or Audi A4. Both headlamps clearly point out the opportunity to create an extraordinary styling with new technologies.

About OEM LED Headlights Headlamps

In rear lamps, applications with red and yellow LEDs already are state of the art in lighting technology. In headlamps, especially white LEDs are necessary that for main functions must provide a better light performance. White LEDs have already been used for signal functions like position or daytime running light in some serial projects.

With the development of the first Full-LED headlamp for Audi R8, Automotive Lighting set up a world premiere. For the first time, all light functions of a serial headlamp are being realized in LED technology, these are low and high beam, daytime running light, turn indicator and position light.
LED technology offers new opportunities for the future concerning styling, technology and energy consumption.

OEM LED Ballast Brand
Parts Model
AL-Lighting Headlights LED DRL Module Ballast

BMW Blinklicht X5 3 Series 1 307 329 303 00

BMW E70N E92 E93 Control Module Daytime Running Light
1 307 329 302 01

Range Rover Xenon HID Headlamp LED Light Control Unit Module
1 307 329 241
1 307 329 242
1 307 329 243

Land Rover L322 1 307 329 246

Mercedes S-Class W221 DRL LED Ballast 1 307 329 252 01(A211 870 62 89 , A221 900 80 01)

1 307 329 212

1 307 329 218

1 307 329 206

1 307 329 216

1 307 329 226

1 307 329 233

1 307 329 153

1 307 329 237

1 307 329 236

1 307 329 193

1 307 329 228

1 307 329 230

1 307 329 229

DRL Electronik-Karte 89500248

BMW X1 Z4 E84 E89 Headlight LED Main Light Module Ballast ECU


Koito LED Headlights DRL Control Unit Ballast

Audi Q5 Headlight LED DRL Control Unit Module

8R0 907 472 A Audi Q5 Headlight LED DRL Control Unit (10055-17078)

8R0 907 472 Audi Q5 Headlight LED Daytime Running Light Control Module (10056-17078)

8R0 907 472 B Audi Q5 Xenon HID Headlight LED DRL Ballast (10045-17078)

8R0 907 472 C Audi Q5 Headlight LED Power Control Module

Delphi Automotive

Delphi VW Audi Power Module For Day Driving Lights Ballast (4G0.907.397 , 4G0.907.397.P ,4G0 907 397 H, 4G0.907.397.F , 4G0.907.397.A , 4G0 907 397 J , 4G0 907 397 D)

2013 AUDI A4 Xenon Headlight LED Control Unit

AUDI A5 Led Xenon Headlamp DRL Control Ballast

2012-2013 AUDI A6 LED Bi-Xenon Headlight DRL Control Module

AUDI Q3 Headlight LED Control Unit

2013 AUDI RS 5 HID Xenon Headlamp LED Day Driving Lights Power Module

2013 AUDI A7 Front Xenon Headlight DRL Ballast



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