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OEM HID Xenon Parts > Ignitor Igniter Zundgerat

OEM HID Xenon Igniter(Zundgerat), we call it Bulb Holder Socket too, match with Xenon HID D2S D2R Bulb.

They are widely used in car models like BMW, E46, Mercedes, VW and Audi etc. If you find your oem xenon headlight failed, and after test, confirm the problem is on the Xenon Headlamp Ignition Module Unit, then it’s very easy, buy a piece of same part to do replacement is ok, then your headlamp can work properly like before.

www.oemxenonshop.com supply all car models original OEM igniter part, if you send us the car information, or show us the picture of the igniter in your car, we can supply you the best price.

HID Xenon Parts-Igniter Brand
Parts Model (Part No./number)
Hella Silver Xenon Zundgerat Ignitor 5DD 008 319-50

Hella Black Ignitor 5DD 008 319-10
AL-Bosch(Automotive Lighting) AL Xenon Litronic Zundgerat 4 1 307 329 076 HID Ignitor

AL Bosch Gen2 3Pin 1 307 329 080/059/067/083/062 Ignitor

AL Gen1 Bosch 2Pin 1 307 329 054 023/026 Ignitor
Valeo Valeo Xenon HID D2S D2R Igniter (Ballast to Bulb)
Matsushita Panasonic Matsushita Panasonic D2S D2R Ignition Element
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi D2S W3T19471 Igniter

Mitsubishi BMW ZKW E46 W3T12871 D2S DSR Ignitor

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