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OEM HID Xenon Parts > Ballasts Inveter

There are many types of ballasts:

If divided by brand is: Hella, AL-Bosch, Valeo, Denso, Philips, Osram, Koito, Matsushita Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Ichikoh and Stanley.

If divided by model have: D1S/D2R,D2S/D2R,D3S/D3R,D4S/D4R

When you find your car’s OEM Xenon Headlights have Problems like: Flickering, can not work, failed, you should check out the bulb first. You can swap the bulbs form side to side. If the light still can not work, then the problem is on the ballast.

Normally speaking, when the xenon headlight failed, 90% problem is on the ballast. So change the ballast can solve the problem. No need to go to the car dealers to waste a lot of money to buy the whole headlight assembly.

If you find us, please email us the detailed car model, or show us the picture of the part you need. We will help you solve the problem in the shortest time.

We can supply almost all OEM xenon headlights’ xenon parts to meet your needs.

HID Xenon Parts-Ballast Brand
Parts Model (Part No./number)

Hella Gen3 iii 5DV 007 760 D2S D2R Ballast

Hella 5DV 008 290-00 D2S D2R HID Xenon Ballast

Hella 5DV 009 000-00 D1S D1R Xenon Ballast

Hella 5DV 009 610-00 D1S D1R Xenon Xenius Ballast

Hella 5DV 009 720-00 5DV00972000 Open Vauxhall GM 13278005 1232335 5M0907391 Xenon Headlight HID Ballast Control Unit

Hella 5DC 009 060-00 D1S D1R Xenon AFS Ballast

Hella 5DC 009 060-10 D1S D1R Xenon AFS GDL Sterergerat 12V Ballast

Hella 5DV 009 932-00 D3S Xenon HID Headlight Ballast Vorschaltgerat Control Module

Hella 5DV 009 610-40 Xenon HID D3S Ballast Control Unit ECU Vorschaltgerat

Hella 5DC 009 060-30 AL 5DC00906030AK Porsche 970.618.143.02 97061814302 Xenon HID Headlight Ballast Control Unit

Hella 5DC 009 060-40 AJ AFS GDL Porsche Cayenne 7P5.907.381.B 7P5907381B Xenon HID Ballast Control Unit Module

Hella 5DC 009 060-50 AD 5DC009060-50AD Mercedes Benz A1648704126 A 164 870 41 26 HID Xenon Ballast Control Module

AL-Bosch(Automotive Lighting)

AL Bosch Gen1 D2S D2R Xenon Ballast

AL Bosch Gen2 D2S D2R HID Xenon Ballast

AL Lights Bosch Xenon Gen 3.1 D1S D1R OEM Ballast

AL Lighting Bosch Xenon Gen 3.2 D1S D1R OEM Ballast

AL Headlamp Bosch Xenon Gen 4 D1S D1R Ballast

AL Headlights Bosch Xenon Gen 5 D1S D1R Ballast

AL Xenon Gen6 D1S D1R HID Ballast Control Unit Module

AL 1 307 329 272 00 BMW 63127255724 7255724 HID Xenon Headlight Ballast Control Unit Module

1 307 329 118 02 130732911802 AL Mercedes S CL Class A2168704826 Xenon Headlight Ballast Module OEM

1 307 329 269 01 130732926901 AL Headlight Xenon HID Ballast Control Unit

1 307 329 120 1307329120 AL VW 1K0 941 329 1K0941329 Xenon Ballast

D 301 916 933 S2 D301916933S2 AL100XP Xenon HID Ballast Control Unit Module Box

D 301 916 934 S0 D301916934S0 AL 7296090 AL01 ZLB Xenon HID Ballast Control Unit

1 307 329 316 00 130732931600 AL 10EEG110397 Xenon HID Headlight Ballast Control Unit

1 307 329 312 01 130732931201 AL MERCEDES Benz A1669002800 Q03 XCU 10EEG110011 HID Xenon Ballast Control Module

1 307 329 263 01 130732926301 AL 7255724 AL01 ZLD 10EEG090709 Xenon HID Ballast Control Unit Ecu Box

1 307 329 166 01 130732916601 AL 10EEG061189 ELAD-CEM00 Xenon HID Control Unit Ballast Module

1 307 329 154 1307329154 AL AUDI 8E0941329A 8E0 941 329A HID Xenon AFS Ballast Control Unit Curving Light Module

1 307 329 114 1307329114 AL Xenon Headlight Ballast A4 A3 TT 8E0907391C 8P0907391 8E0941329A HID Control Module

1 307 329 257 00 130732925700 VW 1K0 941 329 1K0941329 AL Xenon Headlight Ballast

1 307 329 100 1307329100 AL Xenon Headlight Ballast Citroen C6 HID Control Unit Module

1 307 329 200 02 1 30732920002 A2302809426 AL Xenon Headlight Ballast R230 HID Control Unit Ecu Module

1 307 329 469 002

Valeo Valeo D2S D2R Xenon Ballast

Valeo LAD5G D1S D1R Xenon HID Ballast

Valeo LAD5GL D1S/D2S/D2R HID Ballast

Valeo 6G D1S D1R Slim Xenon Ballsat

Valeo D3R D4R Xenon 35W Ballast
Philips Xendrive XLD 141 HID Xenon Ballast

Xendrive XLD 988 D1S D1R Ballast

Philips XLD144/145/135 D1S D1R D2S D2R Ballast

Philips XLD 245 9137 001 79903 24V D1S Control Unit

Philips Xen Drive XLD135-30 XenTron XLS135 (10010789 )


Xenon HID D1S D1R Ballast 35W XT-D1/12V

35XT5-1 D1/24V Xenon HID Ballast

Osram D1S D1R Xenon Headlight Ballast Ecu 35XT5-2-D1 8M51-13C170-AA 1521216 Control Unit

Osram 35XT6-A-B-S-L D3/12V Xenon Headlight HID D3S D3R Ballast Control Unit

35XT6-L-D3/12V 35XT6-S-D3/12V 35XT6-B-D3/12V 10R-034663 A71177E00DG A57082B00DG A62941COODG FORD FOCUS MK3 RANGE ROVER EVOQUE

Osram 35XT6-A-D1 AA3261300DG Xenaelectron 10R-034663 12V HID Xenon Ballast

Osram 10R-044663 AA3261000DG 25XT6-D/12V Xenon HID D8S Ballast Control Unit

Osram D8S A70525700DG 25XT6-D/12V OEM HID Ballast Control Unit Module

Matsushita Panasonic

HID Xenon D2S Ballast

Gen iv D2S D2R HID Ballasts

Gen 3 III Nzmns111lbna D2S Ballast

Gen 4 Ballast Control Unit

Gen 5 D1S D1R Ballast

Matsushita LENA00L8D2A0508 / EANA11810462 Gen6 VI D2S D2R HID Xenon Control Unit

HLB351D12-7 D2S Ballast

HLB351D12-8 D2R HID Xenon Ballast


HID Xenon D2S D2R X6T03172 Ballast

Xenon Lamp W3T12671 ECU Ballast

W3T16271 W3T19371 HID Headlight Lamp Replacemen Ballast

W3T10671 W3T10771 HID Xenon Light D2S D2R Ballast

W3T13271 HID Headlights D1R D1S OEM Ballast

W3T10471 W3T11371 X6T02981 W3T15671 HID Inverter Xenon Headlights D2R D2S Ballast

W003T18471 D3S D3R D4S D4R Ballast

Mitsubishi W003T20071 7 237 647 D1S D1R D2S D2R Ballast Control Unit

Mitsubishi W3T11071 X6T02671 Xenon HID Ballast Control Unit Module

Mitsubishi W003T22071 AUDI 8K0 941 597 E 8K0941597E D3S D3R D4S D4R Ballast

Mitsubishi Electric W3T12071 W3T12171 600.11.117.99 HID Xenon Ballast 24V Control Unit



W3T11171(Old EVO)




X6T03171 MR558268(Old EVO)


Denso DDLT001 KDLT001 D2R D2S HID Xenon Headlight Ballast

Denso DDLT002 D2S D2R Ballast 85967-50020 / 031100-0297

DDLT003 D4R D4S Slim Ballast 85967-52020

D1S D1R Ballast VP4M5X-13C170-BA 031100-3010

Denso D1S D1R D2S D2R HID Xenon Headdlight Ballast

Denso D4S D4R Gen2 Xenon 85967-45010 Ballast Control Unit

Koito D1S D1R BALLAST Module Control Unit ECU
Ichikoh Ichikoh D2S D2R Ballast

D2S D2R HID SCB26 OEM Ballast

SCB25 Xenon HID Ballast Control Unit Inverter

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