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OEM HID Xenon Parts > Headlights Wire Harness

The OEM xenon wire harness we supply is special match with OEM xenon ballast and bulb. Have two types.

One type is: 12V input power plug to ballast

The other type is: Output power plug from ballast to bulb.

When you retrofit projector, if you want to use OEM xenon ballast, then the OEM wire harness we supply can help you.

If your original headlight assembly already come with xenon version, then we can supply the output power plug from ballast to bulb, because the 12V input power plug you already have on your car, no need to change.

And there will be another possible situation is: some clients bought a new OEM xenon headlight assembly, and when get it find the headlight assembly do not come with OEM ballasts, bulbs and input and output power plug. Under this situation, if you find us, we can supply the complete set of OEM xenon parts to bring more convenience to clients.

If you can not find the right wire harness you want from our list, you can email us, describe your need clearly like: your car model, which year of your car, or show us the picture of the wire you need, we will try our best to help you.

HID Xenon Parts-Wires Brand
Parts Model (Part No./number)
Hella Headlights

Hella Gen4 Xenon HID D2S D2R Ballast 12v Input ouput Wiring Harness Cord Wire Plug Cable 5DV 008 290-00

Hella Gen4 Xenon HID D1S D1R Ballast 12v Input ouput Wiring Harness Cord Wire Plug Cable 5DV 009 000-00

AL Bosch Headlights

AL Bosch Xenon HID Headlight D1S D1R Ballast To Igniter Bulb Cable Harness Wiring Connects

AL Bosch Xenon HID D2S D2R Ballast Wire Harness Socket Wiring Plug Cable

OEM BMW E92 E93 X5 E90 M3 X3 E63 E64 D1S Xenon Ballast Wire Wiring Harness Cable Cord Plug

Valeo Headlights

Valeo Headlight HID Ballast D1S Power Wire Harness Cable For Audi A4 S4 Cadillac CTS SRX

OEM Volvo S60 S80 XC90 Xenon Headlight HID Ballast to Bulb Wires Harness Cord Cable Plug

OEM Valeo LAD5GL HID Xenon D1S Ballast Control Unit Wires Cable Plug Harness For D1S Bulb Use For Audi Volvo Jaguar Chrysler VW


Xenon Headlight D1S D1R D3S D3R HID Bulb Harness Wires Adapter Cable Plug Connector Ballast

Osram D1S D1R D3S HID Xenarc Xenon Ballast Wires Harness Cable

D1S D1R D3S D3R HID Xenon Bulbs Replacement Power Cord Cables For D1 D3 HID Ballasts Wires

Osram HID Ballast 2 Wire To 3Pin 12V 24V Input Plug Connector Adapter Delphi Wiring Cable

Matsushita Matsushita Gen3 Gen4 Gen5 Ballast 12V Input plugs harness wiring Cable
Koito Denso Headlight

Lexus Toyota Koito Denso Xenon D2S D2R Ballast Wire Harness Power Wiring Plug Socket

Lexus Toyota Koito Denso Xenon D4S D4R Ballast Wire Harness Power Wiring Plug Socket


Mitsubishi Gen2 Gen3 Xenon HID Ballast Inverter 12V Input Plugs Harness Wiring Cable

Mitsubishi D3S D3R Xenon HID Replacement Ballast Control Unit ECU Cable Wire Connector Lead D3S Bulb to Ballast

OEM 2006-2008 BMW E90 E91 Xenon Ballast To HID D1S Bulb Wire Wiring Cable Cord Connector Plug

Retrofit HID Kits Wires 9005 9006 HID Voltage Ballast Extension Cable Cord Connector Plugs Wire Harness Pigtail

HID Ballast To Bulb Extension Wire Conversion Kit Cable Harness AMP Plug

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