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OEM HID Xenon Parts > DRL LED Ballast > Audi Q5 Headlight DRL LED Control Unit Ballast Module

Audi Q5 Headlights DRL Ballast Control Module

Koito Part number is : 10055-17078

Audi Part Number : 8R0907472B , 8R0 907 472

8R0907472A ; 8R0941003AF; 8R0941003AG; 8R0941003AH; 8R0941003AJ; 8R0941003AK; 8R0941003AL; 8R0941004AF; 8R0941004AG; 8R0941004AH; 8R0941004AJ; 8R0941004AK; 8R0941004AL

If your Audi Q5 OEM xenon headlight led drl have problems, like light failed, dipped low beam, not working, burnout, flickering or have any other issues, you only need to change or replacement the this led drl light control unit, will fix this problems.no need to cost a lot of money to buy a whole brand new headlight assembly like the car dealer suggest.

If you find the right part you want to order here, don't hesitate to email us.

Our email address is: oemxenonshop@gmail.com

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4. The order quantity you need.

we will reply you timely (within 5-10 minite, except the reason of different time zone ). We normally use express to do the shipment, 5-7 working days, the goods will arrive you.

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Audi Q5 Headlight OEM DRL LED Control Unit Ballast 8R0907472A 8R0907472B 8R0907472
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